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We deliver the highest level of wealth management services to assist people across our region and beyond to build on their financial successes.

We are not a traditional bank or brokerage firm – and you are not an account number. Too many traditional firms focus on their own profits and best interests. We focus on yours by aligning our experienced advisors and service teams to understand your financial picture and determine the most relevant solutions to achieve your goals. As an independent RIA, we are now able to take that client-driven approach to the next level.

Simply put, we are completely focused on you.

At Elk River Wealth Management, our experienced advisors and service professionals take an objective, unbiased approach to understand each client’s financial picture, including immediate and long-term goals, retirement, tax and estate challenges, business and real estate interests. We then develop a plan to provide tailored investment management and expanded wealth services across every aspect of life.

We also leverage advanced digital tools and technologies to enhance every part of the experience – from planning to portfolio management to reporting and tracking of value and progress.

To make it all possible, Elk River’s partnership with Wealth Advisor Growth Network (WAGN) and Merchant Investment Management enables us to have direct access to a world-class network of specialists to manage every aspect of our client’s financial life:

Investment Management

Elk River has developed a consistent, disciplined and refined approach to its investment management process and practices. Elk River offers custom tailored investment solutions for each client, allowing them to obtain their specific objectives. The Elk River team believes using tax-efficient trading and cost considerations along with a multi-asset class process and a mix of growth, stable and diversifying assets within a portfolio can produce consistent and attractive rates of return over reasonable periods of time.


Elk River can help build and protect net worth by managing both sides of the balance sheet – empowering clients to buy a home, pay for college, prepare for retirement and leave something for the next generation. We do so through our partnership with the Advisor Credit Exchange – leveraging the platform to generate automated, pre-qualified loan opportunities to help fund needs, including cash flow, real estate, business investment, large tax obligations and purchase of boats, cars and other big-ticket items.

Insurance Solutions

While many firms only focus on managing client assets, we also work to help manage clients’ risks. Open architecture is critical to finding the best solutions to mitigate risk for our clients. We have access to over 150 carriers in the US and Canada and search a broad universe for solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. Whether it is personal lines to cover your home and autos, corporate insurance to protect your business or life or long-term care to protect your family – Elk River has sought out best-in-class partners to meet your needs.

Trust & Estate Services

We have formed a strategic partnership with National Advisors Trust Company, one of the largest independent trust companies in the United States. We provide our clients with the guidance needed to find the trust solution that best meets their needs and their family’s goals. There is perhaps nothing so important to our clients as the legacy they leave behind. We help our clients preserve and maintain those legacies through our personal and charitable trust solutions.

Cash Management

Many of our clients use large banks to fulfill their short-term cash needs. Unfortunately, due to the enormous costs of running large banks, the client usually earns next to nothing on their cash. At Elk River we have identified solutions in the digital bank space that eliminate the brick and mortar costs of a traditional bank and pass those savings to clients in the form of high interest checking and savings accounts. Our clients enjoy the benefits of FDIC insurance, bill paying and debit cards but eliminate the waste of a branch bank.

Elk River Wealth Management: Financial Life Unencumbered. Boundless. Fulfilled.

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